Selected features & essays

When it Didn't Work Out with a Living Writer, I Turned to the Dead

LitHub, August 2018

Finding comfort and companionship with a nineteenth-century author

Falling in Love with Someone Who Isn’t There, August 2018

My boyfriend was across the Atlantic. My PhD subject was dead. But through their words, I formed deep attachments to both.

Modern Love: How I Lost the Fiancé but Won the Honeymoon

The New York Times, August 2018

“Where is your husband?” people kept asking. “Why isn’t he here?”

Out damned spot: torments of the thriller women, January 2018

A writer decided to distract herself by reading thrillers after a miscarriage. She found plot-lines filled with distressed and delirious women

Speaking Lessons

Lenny Letter, March 2017

A writer finds her voice in an unlikely place.


In praise and defence of the Creative Writing MFA

The Guardian, April 2018

These days, it is normal for authors to go to writing workshops – or teach them. So why does the idea they produce derivative writers persist?